Behind this crazy question, a Google query that surprised me a little. Well, I have daily visits that come from search engines with strange keywords, often related to sex, sometimes to the blog, travel or photography. But from time to time, I notice a question, asked anonymously to Google, but which would undoubtedly deserve a thorough answer, given the number of women who seem to wonder about the subject.

So today, let us ask ourselves whether we need different devices for men and women and, above all, why we are asking ourselves whether there really is a difference. Men like grip that make groooos devices, but women? Do we really have a different practice of photography? Do we want a pink tripod, a liberty bag?


Let’s start with a very general question, outside the trip. How could we define a feminine way of photographing, which would imply a different approach to the material?
We can align stereotypes, and say that a woman will have a more sensitive approach, be more careful, etc. but honestly, I don’t think this question even deserves a whole paragraph the woman’s picture is not a gender !

By the way, a little anecdote. I recently received a message from a magazine that wanted to publish my photos in their portfolio section. I prepared several selections… and finally saw myself ousted because my photos were not feminine enough. But when I photograph animals in Kenya or aurora borealis in Norway, I don’t really see how to do it in a feminine (or even masculine…) way.


If we establish that there are no real differences between male and female photographic practices, can we infer that women buy the same cameras as men? Not really. I don’t need to look for scientific studies or statistics to notice that the travelers I meet are often equipped with small cameras, when men will have more easily big reflexes (it’s good, it’s the opposite in my couple I have the big reflex, while Monsieur uses his phone, but we must not be normal, he fits in my pants and takes my ties).

I’d tend to think it’s a mix of factors. First of all, among photography enthusiasts, women are less numerous, as in all artistic fields (moreover, they are numerous to follow artistic courses, but almost non-existent when it comes to professional circles, unfortunately). And by extension, the same is true when travelling.
Then, it is quite common for the gentleman to prepare his three panties while the lady bags the whole family’s things. And when you have to deal with everyone’s mess, you’re more restrictive with yourself.
Finally, it should also be noted that, if the men will easily go towards the big boxes that impress (whereas it is two days that they decided to put themselves in the picture), the women have the opposite tendency which consists in choosing small devices by saying « no but I do not need better » (whereas they have small boxes for thirty years).

I’m obviously getting bigger, but that’s what I’ve seen on almost all my travels. And I can’t help thinking that it’s a shame, that it’s not because we’re the one who’s going to think about taking toothbrushes that we can’t enjoy the photo equipment.


This is perhaps the most legitimate question to ask about women’s travel photography equipment. It’s simple, it’s on a trip that you walk all day with several hundreds if not thousands of euros of equipment and, necessarily, as a girl, you can more easily pass for easy targets.
But honestly, I doubt the thief will tell the model from your camera. The only rule is the one that applies to all travellers, photographers or not, women or men: show a little practical sense.

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