You are interested in photography but the technical aspects seem too abstract? This article is for you! Three one-minute videos to understand the aperture, the speed and learn how to use these parameters to take successful pictures.

I started posting these videos on Facebook (you can also find them on Youtube), there will be more soon! Here they are gathered here for those who have not seen them.


Photography is an art. But before being creative, it is necessary to succeed in mastering the tool (to better detach oneself from it). Aperture, diaphragm, shutter, exposure, speed, 1/500th, 1/2.8, Bulb, one can quickly be lost in the middle of these terms. However, photography is not so complicated. Above all, we need to understand how some basic principles work.

And to help you, here are three short and simple videos.


The aperture is the amount of light that reaches the sensor. It depends on the objective. What impact does the opening have on the photo?

What to remember:

  • large opening = small number
    lots of light = shallow depth of field
  • small opening = large number
    less light = large sharpness area


The shutter speed refers to the length of time light penetrates the sensor. Here again, the adjustment directly impacts the photo.

What to remember:

  • Fast speed = freezes movement
  • Slow speed = motion blur
  • Speed too slow = motion blur

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