How to really enjoy ( and succeed) your couple photos? This is THE time to really enjoy your wedding day! Because in the whirlwind of emotions of the day, between the laughter, the hugs, the schedule, your guests to welcome, it will certainly be the only time when you can truly enjoy a moment of your own.

Timing, place, pose, wedding photographer Baptiste Hauville shares with us his tips and advice to get the most out of this moment. And for lovers of his work, don’t forget that you can meet him this weekend at the love.etc wedding festival, don’t hesitate to come and meet him!


As we know, a wedding day always goes by too quickly… But this moment of couple photos is a bit like a « mini-parenthesis » in your day. It will indeed be one of the rare moments when you two will just find each other! By taking time for this session, your photographer will have more possibilities to make you even more comfortable and thus have natural photos! Of course, the idea is not to escape for 3 hours… 30 minutes will be enough! Half an hour hugging, kissing, laughing… It’s still not bad! And if the timing of your day allows it, do not hesitate to devote more time to it, it will only be bonus !


The light at the end of the day is much softer and warmer. On the other hand, taking your pictures in the middle of the afternoon (if the weather is nice) will do no one any service! The higher the sun is, the more shadows are marked, and this obviously applies to… Your face. The risk is to find yourself with shiny skin because of the heat, wrinkled eyes because of the sun, the shadow of the nose, the « panda eyes »… In short, conditions that are far from optimal! It is also necessary to privilege the evening quite simply because the stress of the day is gone, the ceremony is passed, you already had time to benefit from your guests, you began the aperitif… You are relaxed! So it’s the perfect time to get together.

Pictures of successful couples also pass by the choice of the environment. For example, a large green lawn will lack contrast and variety in the photos. While sometimes you only have to walk 200 meters to find a place and a cannon light! I always take the time, during the aperitif or cocktail, to walk around the place of the wedding to make spottings and save time afterwards! If you have in mind a place which makes you vibrate in the middle of the mountains or which is simply close to your heart, there is always the possibility of prolonging the session a few days later, without having to manage the timing, but always in wedding clothes. Attention, it is important to take the time to make D-Day: the emotion is at its peak, and that changes everything!

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I am a wedding photographer and I have the chance to travel all over the world. On this blog, you will find both travel and wedding stories and tips to make your own blog photos a success.

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