Autumn arrives with its pretty coppery colours, its softer light and its temperature which makes the cheeks turn pink. And as more and more of you choose this time of year to organize your wedding, we wanted to give you some inspiration from this superb shooting inspired by the movie Max and the Maximonstres!

You will see, getting married in autumn is much more magical and warm than it seems ^^ Sometimes it only takes a few details. For decoration, for example, take inspiration from the colours of autumn (yellow, orange, copper) and don’t hesitate to use a complementary colour. In this shooting, Rebecca Vaughan Cosquéric and Claire Jaurand chose green (plates, glasses, etc.) to give a more modern side to the table and it is absolutely sublime.

And how to dress?! For a wedding in October or November, a wedding dress with pretty long lace sleeves will be perfect ^^ Otherwise, feel free to opt for a pretty jacket, a soft waistcoat or a large shawl to adorn your outfit.

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